Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word

a book by Veronica: of the Chapman family

Available as a paperback in bookstores (and Amazon) via its ISBN 978-1-906169-67-1 


Includes an additional Appendix which contains the latest information that has been collected since the 1st Edition was published.

Updates to the 2nd Edition

Multiple copies of the book can be obtained, at cost, directly from the Printers. You pay the Printers directly. The books are delivered to you. Veronica is not involved. You can sell them as you like, or give them away (whatever!). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY VERONICA ANYTHING. If you sell them for more than you paid for them, you can keep the excess, and use it for your "freedom" activities.

(As with everything else) The larger the quantity you order, the cheaper you will get each copy for. Examples:

Ordering 10 ... you'll pay a unit cost of 8.384
30 copies at a unit cost of 5.030.
50 copies at a unit cost of 4.343.
500 copies at a unit cost of 3.126.
1000 copies at a unit cost of 2.843.

These are all the latest (2nd) Edition, and are Back Cover Priced at 8.99 retail.. You can do this by:

1. Opening this page (it's a picture) ... of the Order Settings necessary.

2. Going to Print-On-Demand Worldwide, and filling out a Quote, EXACTLY as shown on the link at (1), above ... making sure that you specify a "Re-Print" (This is important to make sure you don't get charged for a New Book Order)

3. If you turn the Quotation into an Order, you'll be asked to specify the Book Title: Freedom Is More Than Just a Seven-Letter Word. You will not need to upload any files, Print-on-Demand Worldwide have the necessary files. If necessary, you can remind them to use the files for original Order 3355.

Remember:  FREEDOM goes back even further ... see: Veronicaz Powerpoint Presentation (Version 1.14 April, 2011 download). Veronica gave Version 1.12 in Newport, West Wales (use the links below to all 15 parts)
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